The Rage of the Refugee - A New Book

Hot News! This July, my new novella, A Refugee's Rage, will be released through Ginninderra Press. A homeless teenage boy lives in a park in Central Rome. He’s not the only one. There are other foreigners on the streets and many of them are young. Yet an encounter with an Afghani girl will have a powerful impact and alter both of their destinies forever. It also comes with a second novella, (or long story), in the same book. Caught... between love and loss. A man plans to build a house by his own hands, in the country. Fate has other plans in store. Both are different in terms of story and how they're written, yet there are common themes. The journey of the self. The notion of destiny. The i

Old British Cinemas

Nostalgia Video #4 / 10 Re-edited with new music by Anthony J. Langford from 3 YouTube videos by Michelle Stone Next Post, The Short Film, UNTOLD, finally 22 years after it was made. Not for everyone.

'Untold' - The Short Film Shoot

'Untold' - The World Premiere May 25 Part 2 - Production, Process and Posterity An unusual story, with unusual dialogue needed an unique approach. Initially I wanted to shoot it all in one take. It's been done of course, but back in 1997, it was still a fairly novel idea. I planned it out, with the intention of changing locations, across multiple suburbs. It was too ambitious. Poster 4 of 5 I chose a simpler shoot, at several locations, with myself as director and cameraman. I had two production assistants help out with the sound, but with these 'no' budget affairs, everyone chips in. Look it's no Magnolia, (one of my favourite films) but it does contain its own style and has some really in

'Untold' - The World Premiere - May 25

Looking for Love in All the Wrong Faces. The 1997 'lost'* film, UNTOLD. Coming to the public for the first time, on May 25th, 2019 (The same day Star Wars was released in 1977). Part 1- Premise and Political Correctness Poster 1 of 5 When Political Correctness became a term in the nineties, it had already heralded in a new movement. A new way of thinking. A new way of behaving socially. As to how that translates today is up to you to decide for yourself, but in the nineties, it was the right thing and a necessary thing. Most people were open minded and accepting, (Sydney's Mardi Gras was already a hugely popular event) but some were still stuck in the past. Political Correctness was a new an

Not getting enough attention? New! The Victim Meter!

Are you feeling unloved? Not given your due credit? Tired of whining without result? Continuous virtue signalling posts can be exhausting. Moralistic chest beating can hurt after awhile. Not having really bad shit happen to you, can make attention seeking just that much harder. That's why we've invented the ... Victim Meter! Now you too can claim Victim Status! Rake in the attention! Feel the love! You don't have to FAKE CANCER like Lucy Wieland, Belle Gibson, Patricia Robertshaw and plenty of other sad, selfish fucks. It’s so simple, anyone can do it! The Victim Meter! Simply attach it to your wrist, connect with our app, fill in a brief questionnaire and pronto! Your Meter will detect how

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