Nostalgia Video - Growing up in the 60's and beyond

Nostalgia Video - #3 / 10 Growing Up Baby Boomers in 1960's Australia Footage sourced (mostly) from YouTube Re-edited by myself with All Australian Music; Billy Thorpe - Over the Rainbow Bee Gees - I started a Joke The Seekers - The Carnival is Over All Nostalgia Videos Bondi - Sydney

Winning Reality TV ideas

I’m working on scripts for several pilots… Yep, they're just like us Reality TV A goldmine of cheap production and crappy ideas, shipped internationally, remade locally, for endless season after season. No quality writing required. Get a bunch of superficial, so called good looking arso-holics, put them together and video the result. I thought I'd cash in on this phenomenon. The first idea is a take on My Kitchen Rules. My Toilet Rules A panel sits around (and on) the bowl and see who can deliver the best number twos. Points to be judged on; consistency, texture, smell and um, taste. Ensure that the contestants are also assholes, to make sparks (and flatulence) fly. Married at First Blight,

The Heart of Living and Dying

A Journey in Four Stages Death is not our friend, or our enemy, but our foreshadower or Her Death Wish (Parts 3 and 4) (Parts 1 and 2 here) iii) end What did it stand for? What did it mean? Is it supposed to have meaning? Is it about survival? If this is true, why do we dream? Hopes, desires, you can visualise it, almost touch it... And if we know that many of our dreams, like our fears, are never realised, then how many of us are walking around unfulfilled? Getting to the end of our lives, whenever that may be, and realising that we are deflated. Short of our potential. Merely a reach - a mad scramble for our goals, partial success, only to be ultimately left short... empt

The Art of Living and Dying.

A Journey in Four Stages Death is not our friend, nor our enemy, but our foreshadower or Her Death Wish (Parts i and ii) i) Prologue – the girl She stands at a juncture. The most critical she has ever faced. And yet it doesn’t feel that dramatic. The decision to end her own life was slow in coming. She had battled a myriad of illnesses throughout her childhood, yet all stemming from the one issue. She had never experienced/possessed/felt, what others had. Despite the complications over the years, the moment is simple. It is pure. She has never felt so clear. This, coming after further discord – the years of teenage chaos. It was overwhelming - the emotions of an attractive

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