Tour De Force - Author Ian Irvine

Prolific. Hugely successful. Internationally renowned. But who is Ian Irvine? Anthony: Thank you Ian for agreeing to have a chat. Tell us briefly what your new book, The Fatal Gate is about? Ian: It’s Book 2 in my new epic fantasy trilogy called The Gates of Good and Evil. Book 1, The Summon Stone, was published last year, and began the sequel to my epic fantasy quartet The View from the Mirror which was published almost 20 years ago. The story begins with Sulien, a nine-year-old girl, having a nightmare in which she sees the greatest warrior race of all, the Merdrun, gathering in the void between the worlds to invade her world of Santhenar. But Sulien has also seen the Merdrun’s one weak

Interview with the criminally obscure but criminally talented poet, Dominic Kirwan

'Honest exploration of the human psyche... brash and unapologetic.' Poet Dominic Kirwan Dominic Kirwan Thanks for coming along to chat. I've been a big fan of yours for quite a while now. Let's talk about your new book, Put a Smile on that Face. What can people expect to find? Irreverent mayhem. Black humour. Social satire. Bleak navel gazing chunks of self deprecating chaos. Twisted tales of love lost and won. Surreal fables of microwave soup and other such mind altering banalities. A couple of serial killer ditties. Oh, and words... lots of words. Your book. has a unique structure to it. What was the motivation behind it? 'Put a Smile on That Face' is really three smaller books in one. Eac

Sofie Laguna Interview Part 2

Part Two – Parenthood, nits and Tom Hardy. Anthony: Do you think it's difficult being an artist in Australia? Sofie: I can really only speak for myself. I mean, I was an actor for a long time and that was pretty difficult. You’ve got to be resourceful. And I was unemployed. I didn't have the dream acting work that I wanted. That was pretty difficult for a long time. But I should be speaking politically, really, shouldn't I? About what it's like for other people and not just me. I don't know what is it like for other people out there. I like being an artist in Australia. I don't know how politically correct that is to say. I suppose I should be saying things like, we are not re

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