Interview with Miles Franklin Winner, Sofie Laguna

Sofie Laguna Sofie Laguna is an Australian writer who won the 2015 Miles Franklin Award for her novel, The Eye of the Sheep. She has written three adult novels, eleven children's novels as well a number of picture books. She also writes plays and was once an actor, appearing in Blue Heelers and A Country Practice. Sofie has a casual chat about her latest book, The Choke, with Anthony Langford. It evolves into a discussion on parenthood, nits, a serial killer, Tom Hardy, being a writer in Australia and many things besides. Part One Aileen Wuornos, tragic childhoods and creating The Choke. Sofie: Hi Anthony. Anthony: Good morning. How are you? Sofie: Not too bad. Antho

Starting out in a band... with Antonia and the Lazy Susans.

Cath Connell Photography The four piece from the Blue Mountains in N.S.W. released an EP 'Closure' earlier this year. Their single Home Here With Your Friends blew me away so much, I decided to track them down for an interview. Hi Antonia. Thanks for agreeing to have a chat with me. What’s the best part of being in a band? Getting to meet your musical idols and sharing stages with them. Getting to travel all around the country with your best mates to do what you love doing. Having people come up to you after shows and tell you how much your songs have helped them/what your music means to them. People sharing their own vulnerabilities and opening up a platform for deeper conversations. What’

Singer/Songwriter Jamie Hutchings on his upcoming project, Bedsit plus Steve Kilby, multiple persona

From the yet to be made, Bedsit album. Photo by Hadassa Haack Jamie Hutchings is the lead singer/songwriter/guitarist for Aussie rock legends, Bluebottle Kiss, a band much underrated in this country. He has also released three solo albums and is the driving force behind other bands, The Tall Grass (with Peter Fenton) and Infinity Broke, among others. Today he talks about his upcoming solo album and the difficulties associated with being an artist in Australia. Thank you for coming along to chat Jamie. You’ve inhabited many incarnations over a long career from Bluebottle Kiss to your new album with Peter Fenton under the guise of The Tall Grass and much more. Do you have a favourite persona p

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